Metal Business Cards

Metal Wood Cards gives excellent metal business card

Why use Metal Business Cards?

September 4, 2014

Elegance, style, class, prestige and much more of a high standard corporate company is what a metallic business card speaks out load. They say "a picture speaks loader than words" and sure it does when you have a metallic card. Business card are currently the best way of communicating with your clients, by providing them with summary detail of you and your company contacts on the card. Cards are often or easily forgotten since everyone is passing them around to share their contact. Your first impression on the card may mean that someone will value and keep your card closer. You never get a second chance to impress with the first time, thus a metal business card would be the best way to impress the first time. There are also metal business card cases that are specialized for carrying business cards. Do you want a unique and durable business card?


Try black metal business cards that have an amazing look and are unique at the same time. A metal business card serves you different purposes, but they key thing is the unique look and impression that you just love. Although the cards are expensive compared to typical paper business cards, the value is worth the cash in uncountable perspectives. The ostentatious worth of black metal business cards is just indisputable. Furthermore, black blends in with many colors and can be used by any type of businessman. Anyone who pulls out a metallic business card shows ultra-confidence and self-assurance. Why not give yourself and business such characteristics? Brass metal business cards definitely indicate value and high quality business which will not fail to attract customers. For those who transact in the copper metal business, it would be such a good idea to have copper metal business cards. Do not see it as bragging, but an expression of how you love what you do. Best people for black metal business cards are the individuals in high finance and international business.

Brass metal business cards are really ideal if you want a gold-like and shiny card. The impressive brass cards come in standard dimensions (3.46" X 1.96") have a comfortable thickness of around 5mm thick. Recently, brass metal business cards include custom die-cutting and any surface etching on either sides. How else can it get better with business cards? On the other hand, copper metal business cards provide a unique look that is elegant. The copper cards are also in standard size with custom die-cutting and any surface etching on both sides. Metal business cards have nowadays gained some tremendous gains in popularity. Some are available in copper and brass with printed spot color inks. For your information, metal cards are mostly produced using copper as compared to brass. The best part with metal business is the fact that the metal business card printing companies offer custom options. For example, you can choose between spot color printed on metal or custom die cuts or engraving. Even the few companies in the copper metal business produce metallic business cards, but the few that do have exemplary services.


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